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Top 5 Plastic Surgeons in Princeton


Gift yourself a perfect physique and appearance with the finest plastic surgeons in Princeton!

Plastic Surgery is one of the most revolutionary inventions of medical science. It has successfully altered the appearance and shape of numerous patients across the globe. Moreover, it is of utmost importance to those patients who have had an accident like a car crash or severe burns. Plastic surgery has also been proven to be beneficial as a reconstructive surgery to people with birth and genetic defects. However, before considering your plastic surgery, you must make sure that you choose a surgeon with high expertise and experience. He or she must maintain a balance between science and aesthetics to ensure that you obtain what you desire. Your plastic surgeon must consult with you or your family to analyze and determine the expected outcome, the associated risks and pertinent benefits from the surgery. If you are living in and around Princeton, we are providing you with a list of the finest surgeons available in the place who will shape your expectations into reality! According to  Sweet Celebrities, here are the best plastic surgeons:

1. Dr. Adam H. Hamawy: He is one of the most experienced surgeons you will find in Princeton. With a fellowship program in Plastic and Reconstructive surgery, he has expertise in the field of face lifts, skin rejuvenation and breast augmentation. He considers the fact that doctors and the patients must work as a team to achieve the desired results. No doubt, his patients leave feeling better and contended.

2. Dr. Jill Hazen: With over 20 years of experience in cosmetic surgery and post-cancer breast reconstruction, she is a lady on whom you can completely build your trust upon. She has been affiliated with numerous prestigious hospitals. Her uniqueness lies in her amazing eye for artistic detailing. Patients have reported having received personal attention and honest opinion from her to enhance their appearance.

3. Dr. Kevin Nini: He has been nationally recognized as the ‘best doctor’ for plastic surgery. He is known to use the latest technologies to achieve the results with lesser side-effects and swellings so that his patients can resume work soon after the surgery. Certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery and the American Board of Surgery, he has been working in this field since 1992 and has attained worldwide name and fame.

4. Dr. Gary A. Tuma: With double board certifications from the American Board of Plastic Surgery and the American Board of Surgery he provides a wide range of cosmetic and reconstructive surgeries such as facial and eyelid surgery, liposuction, skin tumors, oculoplastic surgery and so on. He is known for handling his patients with utmost care and patience. He has been felicitated with a number of awards for his dedicated service.

5. Dr. Philip D. Wey: His specialties include breast surgery, cosmetic surgery, liposuction and body contouring. He gives immense importance to his patient’s desired outcomes. He makes sure that he gives a shape to all the expectations of his patients by striving hard and co-operating with them. His high aesthetic knowledge coupled with medical expertise have promoted him to be one of the best doctors in Princeton.

So, if you are looking forward to a celebrity look or are planning to cure your genetic defects or accidental injuries do not wait! Schedule an appointment with any of these excellent doctors and give yourself a perfect appearance. They will stand by you as a guide and personal Counselor and at the same time cater to your needs as an eminent surgeon.

Five of the Best Sports Bars in Princeton

Princeton is a beautiful town located in Mercer County, New Jersey. It is most famous for being a college town that is home prestigious educational facilities such as Princeton University, plus it has been featured in many films like A Beautiful Mind, I.Q and Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen. Princeton also boasts many Sports Bars that provide the perfect spots to watch the game and enjoy your favorite drink. Read on to find out about five of the best sports bars in Princeton.

Yogi's All American

Yogi’s All American Grill and Sports Bar is a hit with business travelers, tourists and sports fans who want to watch a game in style. Located on Forsgate Drive inside of the Crowne Plaza Hotel, this sports bar has no less than 19 Plasma TVs for your convenience. Trivia games and a touch tones jukebox will keep you entertained in between matches, while a generous happy hour helps to cut costs on drink and food.

Alchemist and Barrister

Alchemist and Barrister located on Witherspoon Street is fast becoming one of the most trendiest places to frequent. Affectionately nicknamed ‘the Cheers of Princeton’, the bar and restaurants serves excellent food and a large range of beverages to happy customers. Special events and sports related competitions are held through the month, you can check the website for more information on what is on during your visit.

Shooters Sports Bar

College students love the informal and lively atmosphere found at the Shooters Sports Bar. This Bar and Grill sells a selection of great value for money beers, handcrafted cocktails and delicious American favorites in the restaurant and diner. The large plasma TV screens let you watch the match while you drink or dine.

Kixx Sports Bar

Kixx Sports Bar is a casual bar which has several TV screens located inside of the premises, as well as diner style seating so that you can comfortably watch the game of your choice. The restaurant offers American comfort food while tasty bar snacks are also available. Kixx Sports Bar is located inside of the same building as its sister restaurant, The Pind, which offers authentic Indian food.

First & Ten Sports Bar

First & Ten Sports Bar and pub is said to serve some of the most delicious pub food in the area, with delicious options such as garlic hot-wings, stacked burgers, cheese steaks and fries. The bar also has Bud Light, Miller Light, and Coors Light on tap as well as a selection of five other craft beers and many spirits to take your pick from. Large TV screens are dotted around the perimeter of the bar, and the helpful bar staff will happily put on any game that want to watch. Overall, the First & Ten Bar is the place to go for affordable food, excellent service, and an exciting atmosphere.

So there you have it – five of the very best sports bars in Princeton. From high-end swanky sports bars located inside of luxury hotels, to more traditional sports bars with incredible food and cheap prices, Princeton has a range of sports bars to suits all tastes and budgets. Enjoy!